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Why do I need to service or clean my Air Conditioning System?

The air con system in your car is a serviceable item, just as you have to change your oil and air filters from time to time. It is very important to maintain your air conditioning system for the following reasons:

  • Fungi and bacteria can grow in car A/C systems and can cause allergic reactions such as skin irritations, itchy eyes, hay-fever and running noses.
  • Due to natural leakage through slightly porous pipes, most A/C systems will lose around 15-20% of its refrigerant every 12 months resulting in less powerful and less efficient system.
  • If not serviced regularly, your A/C system will put a strain on the compressor which in turn can result in the compressor wearing out quickly, as well as causing costly increased fuel consumption as it draws on more engine power to run the system.


What is the difference between Servicing and Cleaning?

Manufacturers recommend that a vehicle’s Air Conditioner to be serviced every 2 years to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency. However, there are some indicators that will help you determine if you have a problem with your air conditioning system

+ The interior takes longer to cool down
+ There’s a noticeable increase in fuel consumption
+ Frequent refilling of Air Conditioner gas

The Air Conditioner System service includes:
: testing for leaks
: emptying and recharging the gas in the system



If you notice an odd, particularly musty smell in your car, it is more than likely that the A/C system needs proper cleaning. The cost of cleaning the system is additional to the service cost and entails cleaning of the entire system with a De-Fungicide.

If you are not sure as to which service you require, just call us on 6214 0964 and we will be pleased to help.