About Us

Back in 2005, Auto technica was founded in a humble location at 20 Changi North Industrial Estate. Since then Auto Technica focus on providing delicated care to all customers and has won the hearts of many regular customers over the years. Overtime, the shop has evolved into a dynamic team of people who shares the same vision of providing good services as well as reasonable pricing for quality services to our customers. As a result, we have received numerous good reviews and gain referrals. As members of Auto Techinca, we also believe in the constant upgrading of skills and machines in order to keep up with the needs of our customers. Be assured to find good service with quality products when servicing your precious vehicle at Auto Technica.
We offer car maintenance and servicing for all types of cars, from Japanese to Continental models, changing of car batteries, as well as provide spray painting services.

Be free to browse and shop in our integrated online shop, be it looking for best pricing, understanding the products used and shopping in your own free time.


Our Mission

At auto-technica service centre our principal aim is to provide and deliver quality work at a fair price and to achieve customers’ complete satisfaction.

Striving to do so by constantly upgrading the skills and workmanship of our service people, we also invest on state of the art technologies to bring about excellent and up to date services.